Edible Gold

Ever Heard of Edible Gold?

MAAKHI’s pure and wild Honey is set apart from any competition as it is hunted by our specialized team of expertly trained Honey hunters from various prime locations across Pakistan. This enables us to provide you with the rarest Edible Gold that has a fountain of health benefits not found in any other kind of Honey!

Popular Honey

We have hunted and collected the finest honey for you! Natural honey is a booster that can keep you going throughout the day!

Sidr Gold (500g)

Rs. 1,990.00

Sidr Light (500g)

Rs. 1,625.00

Sidr Prime (500g)

Rs. 990.00

Sidr Honey

Don't forget to stock up on some pure Sidr Honey!

Royal Sidr

MAAKHI introduces the newest luxury product that is truly fit for royalty. This honey is the finest harvest of the late season from the Sidr tree forests in northern Punjab. Only available for a very limited time of the year, it is extremely rare, extremely viscous in texture and very very rich in taste. Caution! This honey is only for those with the finest taste!

Sidr Ligh

Sidr Light

True, natural, raw and organic honey is key to a healthy heart, mind and body. With its light, silky texture and mild, sweet taste, Sidr Light is perfect for all weight watchers who want a low-calorie sweetener in their diet. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and a powerful, natural anti-oxidant! Perfect for your power breakfast and a great addition to your green tea.

Royal Sidr_1

Sidr Prime

MAAKHI introduces its newest honey product.. SIDR PRIME Raw and Organic honey of small bees feeding on Sidr flowers in the forests of north-west Pakistan. Rich in taste, with a mild amber colour, this honey is priced for all sorts of honey-lovers and everyday use.

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